How to Become a Paid Instagram Influencer in 30 Days


How to Become a Paid Instagram Influencer in 30 Days

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My course on how to become a paid Instagram influencer gives you a step-by-step guide you can implement yourself so that you can become a paid influencer in 30 days.


  • Industry insider information on the best influencer agencies to sign up with to start receiving free products and payment.

  • Instagram hacks

  • Worksheets to help you find your niche and fine tune your brand identity to stand out from the influencer crowd.

  • Insider tips on how to set your post pricing.

  • Email/DM template you can use to pitch brands you’d like to partner with.

Who is Sophie?

  1. I’ve been a celebrity and brand social media manager for over six years, with a proven track record of significantly increasing followers and engagement organically.

  2. Featured as an industry expert giving advice to millions of performers and actors on how to use social media to build their online presence and win more jobs with entertainment powerhouse platform, Backstage.

  3. Social media expert contributor for tech giants, Schedugram (now known as Sked Social).

  4. Social Media Bootcamp Hero at Miami Ad School.

  5. Extensive PR background of over 17 years working with various celebrities and global brands on their marketing campaigns including John Legend, Kanye West, and John Paul Gaultier.

  6. Don’t be shy - come and say hi! Follow me on Instagram @sophiecbowman and feel free to DM me with any course questions you have.


  • What Even Is an Influencer Anyway? 

  • And Why Do Brands Love Influencers?

  • Traditional Advertising Campaigns 

  • How Brands Save Money with Influencers 

  • How Do I Actually Become an Influencer Though?

  • #1. Find Your Niche

  • WORKSHEET 1: Creating Your Instagram Influencer Account

  • WORKSHEET 2: Find Your Keywords

  • How Do I Actually Become an Influencer Though? 

  • #2. Tell a Story

  • Exercise: Writing a Catchy Bio

  • WORKSHEET 3: Brand Vocabulary

  • WORKSHEET 4: Finding Your Content Genres

  • How Do I Actually Become an Influencer Though? 

  • #3. Start Influencing

  • WORKSHEET 5: How to Set Your Pricing

  • Creating Your Media Card 

  • How to Reach Out to Brands

  • The Bad News

  • BONUS STUFF: Instagram Hacks

  • Useful Resources