Santorini by Georgios at The Hilton Bentley Hotel

Located ideally on South Beach next door to Nikki Beach, Santorini by Georgios at The Hilton Bentley Hotel offers the best Greek food in Miami, hands down, no competition.


The evening lighting around the swimming pool creates the perfect ambience for a romantic or casual meal with friends.


Our Octopus and Spanakopita (spinach pie) were cooked to absolute perfection, accompanied by a deliciously authentic Greek salad.


Round two delivered exquisite lamb and prawns, again cooked perfectly, accompanied with seasoned vegetables.  I’m not sure I’ve ever shoveled food into my mouth so fast, but the flavors are so divine you can’t help but try to finish every last morsel on your plate.



Our waitress, Sonia, provided a very friendly and flawless service, whilst head barman Nick made us some incredible cucumber cocktails, as well as a very special watermelon cocktail which was simply glorious…


Owner Georgio provides a very personal service and ensures all of his guests’ dishes are cooked not only to perfection but that they’re also having a great time.


I could recommend anything on the menu, but my favorites would have to be the lamb and the prawns, actually, I can’t decide, I loved it all.  The servings are very generous, so we took the little remainder we had home in a doggy bag. 


I can’t recommend this restaurant enough, especially as the pricing is very reasonable considering Santorini is located on South Beach and 1st Street.  Check out their website here. 


A huge thank you to the Santorini staff for an unforgettable dining experience.  See you soon!